All YJ Restor and ReShape have been replaced with new Super Smooth All Natural Triple Ripple

As they say, “You can take the girl out partying but you can’t take the partying out of the Beeve”. I have always been the party loving, ass shaking girl and nothing was really ever going to change me. I am now more happy and confident in my new body and I still love my drinks, more controlled and responsible now than in my freshmen year with a healthy dose of creativity too.

Well I thought to myself, if this berry juice is that great, wouldn’t Tequila make it even better? That was the birth of The Naughty Beever and it has been the campus drink of choice ever since. I just couldn’t stop it at that could I, I have also come up with The Eager Beaver (Vodka smoothie mix) and the Lazy Beever (Water, ice and smoothie) and the girls just love them! And what’s the best thing about the Beever Juice? I bet it’s the hangover or rather the “no hangover” effect. Gone are the wasted mornings after a late night partying, nowadays I get up with a spring in my step ready to face the new day (well maybe a bit later than usual but hey).