My friends promised they would never call me Beeve again, but with friends like this who needs enemies. The background of this whole situation is a bit complicated and I will do my best to keep it short. The question that must be on your mind must be, Beeve, what kind of name is that? It is quite a bit embarassing but what the heck, I am sure you will soon be laughing and I would have made your day. Good karma for me woohoo!

It is true what the research says, “you are more likely to be overweight if the people you spend the majority of your time with are…” I must add that the reverse is true. We hit it up instantly with the 4 hotties and they introduced me to an amazing product, Tripple Ripple. The transformation was amazing and I still can’t believe the turnaround was that quick. Triple Ripple is the most amazing whole food on the planet – 100% Natural – Organic and packed with EVERYTHING you will need and more!. The name Beeve stuck from then on and I have seen my body restored to a healthy weight, thanks girls.